South African Roots

In addition to our delicious cakes, we have a small corner of South African treats.

Heard of –

  • Biltong? A delicious beef air dried snack, pure protein, sugar free, gluten free and great as a post gym snack! 100g of dried biltong = 200g of original beef!
  • Dry Wors? A delicious dried beef and pork sausage, similar to Pepperami but chunkier and more delicious.
  • Chilli Sticks? Delicious small sticks of fiery chilli! Beef product with a secret blend of spices. Great to chew on with your beer! 100g of dried product was 300g of original beef!
  • Boerewors? Directly translated is Farmer Sausage, but its a delicious mix of beef and pork with a traditional blend of herbs and spices making this traditional ring of sausage very lovely! Best enjoyed on a fire, otherwise known as a ‘braai’ BBQ is a flavour guys!

In our South African corner we have a number of great additions for anyone who likes to try international foods and drinks. We keep our stock options to the best sellers, this way we don’t get a large wastage issue which then puts the prices of everything else up too.  Should you not see what you require, a member of staff will happily take your details down and we will do our best to order it in for you.

See details of our Biltong subscription, for lovers of Biltong all over the countryside!


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