We Love To Bake!

About Us

The Travelling Cupcake was born about 4 years ago after one very long winter in the Kitchen! I had been made redundant from a job I loved whilst pregnant with my third child and felt very sorry for myself, very frustrated at constantly being broke, and never ever wanting to be in the situation of relying on someone for a job ever again! I was in Tesco’s and picked up a recipe book about a lady who baked her way out of her depressive episode – It could have been written about me!

I had always loved baking as a child and teenager and have so many happy memories of baking with my Mom and my Ouma (Grandma). When my youngest daughter was diagnosed with a dairy allergy, I realised how much rubbish was added into our foods! I wanted to give her some sort of chocolate or pudding or cake and know it wouldn’t hurt her. I decided to try out an old recipe and convert it to dairy-free, which was a MASSIVE success! We didn’t bake much before this, but after seeing her utter joy at being able to help Mom in the kitchen make something she could actually eat –chocolate cake at that! – we became hooked & it made us happy. She could bake before she could talk… watch out world! J PASSIONATE ABOUT FROM SCRATCH BAKING!

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